Neuen Kommentar schreiben

Als meine Frau und ich letztes Jahr in Pretoria die Eheschliessung unserer Tochter feierten, haben wir im Traugespraech diese Frage aufgebracht, denn die hiesige Ordnung (ACSA) sieht eine solche "Uebergabe" vor.
Wir haben es dann - mit allseitiger Zustimmung - folgendermassen geloest:

I am now supposed to ask: ”Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” I have got a few problems with that. For one thing, it would be for the father of the bride to respond “I do” – so I would be talking to myself! But then, why should one not ask her mother? And while we are at it, why don’t we ask “who gives this man to be married”? If we hear this question, as it was originally meant, it sounds awful, like the handing over of property, maybe a piece of cattle, a relic of patriarchal times! But that is not what we mean.
Both J. and E. have been very capable of living their own lives, making their own decisions for a couple of years now. So it is not for us, to “give”, but rather to confirm this, release and to bless! So, may I ask F., C. and H. to join me?
(all four parents to stand and face the congregation)
H: J. and E., you are responsible for your own lives – and for each other. Go, and live courageously!
All: Go, and live courageously!
C: J. and E., as parents, friends, partners or mentors we will always be there for you – but only, where and when you ask us to. We make our commitment, not to interfere with your life and your choices. We release you!
All: We release you!
F: J. and E., as parents we are emotionally connected to you: we love you, and always will! But we are proud to see you growing up and so we let you go!
All: We let you go!
L: J. and E., you have chosen a life together in marriage. May you find deep satisfaction, joy and experience God’s continual blessing. For now, you have our blessing!
All: You have our blessing!

Also ein Freisetzen, loslassen (sehr wichtig!) und segnen seitens der Eltern von Braut UND Braeutigam.
Wurde positiv aufgenommen!